Is It Anxiety or Something Worse???

Hello Warriors! Welcome back to Peak of Panic. Today I wanted to dedicate a whole blog posting to ANXIETY SYMPTOMS. During my worst anxiety years, I dealt with almost every physical symptom you can think of. I had so many symptoms I thought NO WAY is this just anxiety. Until, my eyes were opened by many amazing people suffering from anxiety as well. During panic and anxiety, your body utilizes 70% of all bodily symptoms. What does that mean? It means of course you are going to be fatigued, exhausted, and just completely worn out from have anxiety every single day. If you can remember back to your first anxiety attack, you only experienced symptoms during the attack. But, as you longer had anxiety on your mind, the more symptoms you began to have all day long (EVEN DURING TIMES WHEN YOU ARE NOT FEELING ANXIOUS). I did not understand any of this at the time, therefore, I diagnosed myself with the following things throughout my anxiety years: brain tumor, brain aneurysm, ALS, MS, blood clots, strokes, fibromyalgia, IBS, crohns disease, GI disorders, internal bleeding, cancer, skin cancer, bowel obstruction, heart disease/failure, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and probably many more I am forgetting. HOWEVER, I HAVE NONE OF THESE. It was all self diagnosis from my countless amount of hours spent on google. Many people will ask me about what anxiety symptoms I have experienced. During my anxiety years I experienced the following symptoms: dizziness, fatigue, numbness on arms, a tingling sensation throughout body, depersonalization, derealization, chest pain, leg pain, shortness of breathe, weird vision, eye floaters, heart racing, heart flutters/palpitations, headaches, brain zaps, wanting to stay in bed all day, arm pain, being off balance, world felt spinning at times, ringing in ears, digestive issues, weakness, shaking/tremors, sweating, feeling like I’m not breathing enough or right, feeling tense or nervous, eye twitches, nausea, and frequent urination. I HAVE HAD IT ALL. If you can take anything from this blog post it is that anxiety can cause many symptoms that may seem like a disease worse than anxiety, but if you have anxiety then remind yourself that ANXIETY CAUSES PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS. Have a great day, you can and will get through this.
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