Why Does Anxiety Cause Chest Pain?

Having physical symptoms can be scary, especially for someone with health anxiety. Countless trips to doctor’s offices and the emergency rooms can be expensive and exhausting; all to be told you have anxiety over and over again. Once everything has been checked out to rule out anything serious, you should begin to do research on why anxiety is causing your symptoms so that you can begin to find ways to calm yourself down in moments of panic. 

Chest pain is a common symptom that sends people to the emergency room but is also a common symptom of anxiety. As your stress response is activated, your muscles begin to tighten, causing tension in the body, this can cause tension in the chest area. Another explanation is that your fight or flight response is often activated and the more frequently your body is in fight of flight due to anxiety, the longer your body takes to recover. This leads to muscle tension, which can become painful in your chest. High heart rates from panic attack can lead to a strange feeling in the already-tight chest. Finally, hyperventilation from a panicked state can also increase tension in the body. Focus on deep breathing and mindfulness or anything that decreases tension in your body.

One of the best ways to recover from anxiety is not adding stress to your symptoms or questioning if they are going to hurt you this time. Knowing why anxiety causes your scariest symptoms can help facilitate a faster recovery. 

Love, @health_anxiety, Taylor Marae <3

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