The Modern Truth About Medication

As we all know, drug abuse is on the rise all around the world. Here are some quick statistics just to show you if you didn’t know…. (from

  1. A recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed 19.7 million American Adults (aged 12 and older) battle a substance disorder
  2. 8.5 million American adults suffered from both a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder
  3. Environmental factors are playing a huge role in today’s society leading towards addiction: parent’s drug/prescription use and attitude towards it, peer influences, academic achievement wants, and pressure from society.

I want to first talk about someone I knew in college. This guy was dating a girl in my sorority. He was pretty popular, in a fraternity, had a role in the fraternity, seemed like the perfect catch! She had been dating him for about 4-5 years. Until one day she found out something that brought her to her knees. He was doing heroin. I know you hear this stuff and you think that doesn’t just happen or wont happen to me.  But the truth is, you don’t realize how fast it is happening to you or someone you love. It all started with him getting prescribed an anti-anxiety medication. Then he got hurt and got prescribed muscle relaxers. Then he realized he needed more of both, he started abusing them. But the thing about prescription medications is they will only prescribe you so much within a month and are VERY strict on refill times. So he started outsourcing, and getting more. Until prescription stuff wasn’t doing enough, then he found harder drugs. This is the truth.

I met the company SafeRx in Las Vegas while at a the HLTH conference. I knew of I couldn’t think of a better company that needed to be shared with my community. A lot of people on here and on my social media pages take some sort of medication. Commonly prescribed for panic attacks is benzodiazepines. These can be highly addictive if abused. You might be reading this and say “Taylor I have taken these for years and I am fine/not addicted”. However, my worry might not be you. It might be about the curious kid in your house who stumbles upon you pill bottle one day and tries it, or the family member who has an addiction problem and you don’t even know it.

If you or anyone you know takes a prescription medication, please lock it up. SafeRx has offered 20% off all their products to you guys with code “anxiety”. What I love most about their product is you are also helping the environment by not getting a new pill bottle every refill from the pharmacist, you take your locked bottle to the pharmacy when you need a refill decreasing waste.

Protect your loved ones. Click Here to get your SafeRx. 

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