Supplements For Optimal Health & Mental Health

Before getting hit with debilitating panic attacks, the one pills I took were birth control (Beyaz) and Adderall/Vyvanse. I never thought once about taking any supplements.. even in my undergrad for becoming a Dietitian there wasn’t much focus on holistic health.

It’s honestly sad. Dietitian’s must CHOOSE to pursue holistic health/wellness. In school we are mostly taught how to clean up the problem instead of prevent the problem. Why? Because most humans do not focus on their inside health UNTIL something happens to them. Think about that.

From anxiety, I became obsessed with being as healthy as I could from the inside out. That meant PREVENTING PROBLEMS BEFORE they occur. I quit working in the hospital because I was sick of TREATING, I wanted to help people that wanted to live a healthy long life full of QUALITY not just QUANTITY.

I always tell people I am going to live to be 113. People laugh and usually ask “why would you ever want to live that long? I would hate feeling that old”, But who said being old has to FEEL old. I see it as age is just a number, you could be in your 90’s but have better inside health than someone in their 40’s or even 20’s.

LET’S DIVE IN. Supplements… should we take them? I heard they don’t help? What do I take? I am so overwhelmed but what I need?

These are the questions I get all the time as a dietitian. So let’s start with me for example, I got hit with debilitating anxiety and panic disorder in college. This led to me realizing though I knew so much about nutrition and how it effects your mind and body, I wasn’t following what I knew.

I started eating a more balanced diet. For years I didn’t eat any meat or eggs or any type of protein really.. not because I claimed I was “vegan”…I just didn’t crave it. This leads to amino acid deficiency and many other deficiencies not eating protein of any source. Which in turn can cause mental health issues. How? Well, one of the amino acids is tryptophan which is a precursor of serotonin (aka our “we are okay, we are fine, we are happy” neurotransmitter).

I also found out my cholesterol was high. My triglycerides were about 258 and now they are 56… i know WOW. I could have saved my life making the lifestyle changes I made.

Next, can overall health on the inside can be optimized by just a balanced diet? In today’s world? Probably not. Why? The food we eat today- no matter how organic, or how home grown just isn’t the same and really depleted of nutrients. Why now? Because of the soil. The soil used today has been messed with processed and not the same. The bioavailability of nutrients from food today is HALF of what it used to be. Which is why adding in the RIGHT simple daily supplements with HIGH bioavailability is KEY to optimal nutrition. A supplement is to SUPPLEMENT a balanced diet. Therefore, you can’t eat horrible and expect supplements to just fix you. You must eat a balanced diet and supplement with QUALITY.

Now, what I take daily?


My supplement schedule: 

MorningРI take 1 full pipet (1 ML) Purity CBD 500mg bottle, then I take a potent omega 3 to keep my triglycerides low I take this one , this vitamin b 12, this vitamin D3 (studies recently linked low vitamin D levels to contracting corona virus so trying to do all I can!!), and this multivitamin 

During day– After runs I have been loving a smoothie with this plant based protein powder (I was trying to do whey but I just feel its not good for digestion) I love this one and the company behind it! I will also have a 8oz water with this ACV in it it HAS to be the one with the mother!!!

Night– If I did not get enough vegetables and variety in during the day I will have this at night and I always take my probiotic

**If I have a hard workout or feel dehydrated I will have one of these**

**Sometimes I like to also have this CALM magnesium it helps relax you**

**During high sickness months I add in liposomal vitamin C**

Facts about Purity CBD: Why do I only talk about/wholesale from Purity? Because after trying over 30-40 brands by now nothing has helped me panic attack and anxiety symptoms as much as Purity. It is specifically formulated for anxiety disorders. Contains absolutely NO THC where as a lot of brands have at least .3% or so. 100% vegan, 100% organic, small batch (insures quality in each bottle).CBD doesn’t help just anxiety it also decreases depression, neuropcrotecive, helps nausea, appetite control, regulates sleep, decreases inflammation which in return decreases pain in the body, eases digestion, prevents plaque build up in arteries decreases chances of heart disease, anti-prokinetic, vasorelaxant for glaucoma, and so much more. If there is ONE supplement I recommend to all my clients is a daily dose of CBD for prevention and treatment.

if you need any help figuring out what you should start with feel free to email me as a dietitian I only take supplements that will help me live a long life full of quality and disease free and I want the exact same for you guys!



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