StressLess Vacation Planning (San Francisco)

Hey guys! I am starting a new section on my blog for stress less vacation planning. Many of you guys tell me how much anxiety traveling brings you.. I’d love to help take away some of that anxiety by giving you an already done vacation plan of how to get through flying anxiety, where to stay, what to do, and what not to do! How to be prepared for least amount of stress 🙂

Let’s get started…..

  1. THE FLIGHT… the thing I used to hate the most. I honestly avoided traveling for a while because I was so scared of flying. This is very common when you struggle with anxiety because you feel you have no control. Here are some facts I found out about flying to debunk myths!
    • FLYING IS THE SAFEST FORM OF TRANSPORTATION.. even safer than walking down the street
    • Studies show you are more likely to get hurt falling out of your bed than in a plane.
    • Did you know… turbulence is actually safe and a good sign and the plane is not moving as much as it feels it is. It’s like bumps in the road make cars bumpy sometimes- the car is making up for the friction by jolting like that, as is the plane!
    • There are over 102,465 FLIGHTS A DAY and you never hear anything bad about them- over 37.4 million flights a YEAR.
    • Commercial planes can fly safely with just one engine and can land safely without ANY.
    • Every pilot have flown over 50,000 hours in the air.. crazy!
    • Affirmation: Tomorrow I will be on a plane. I will get on, it will get me to my destination then I will safely get off. During the time on the plane, I will listen to good music, watch a movie, eat a good snack, read a magazine and Relax. I will visualize how amazing the destination will be and how proud of myself I will be facing this fear. I AM STRONGER THAN MY ANXIETY
    • I ALWAYSSS TAKE MY PURITY CBD in my carry on! It helps calm down anxiety asap truly best CBD i’ve ever taken!

2. WHERE TO STAY: Fairmont San Francisco 

I loved the location of this hotel! It was in a safe area in the middle of everything (always important to me!!) and had great views!

3. What to do and Where to go:

  • If you are a lefty like me you gotta go to the lefty store on the pier! It has everything from office supplies to gadgets all made for left handed people truly amazing. (Who else hates the ink stains on their hands from being left handed?!) There is also so many other amazing shops on the pier!
  • You MUST get frozen yogurt from Loving Cup! There is a few locations in San Francisco and we loved it so much we went both days!!
  • Continuing with desserts…. you need to make a stop at Ghirardelli Square which is the original Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate shop! Really fun and pretty area to check out and a few shops around it! Here is a picture of what we ordered.
  • Next stop, Fisherman’s Wharf where you will find allllllll the seafood, sourdough bread, signature shops, beautiful water views, and see the Alcatraz Island! 
  • There is also shopping everywhere! I union station was the name of the area with all the shops (kinda like an outdoor mall but HUGE stores!) One of the biggest Pink stores Ive ever seen, really cool apple store, and luxury name brands.
  • Lastly, we went to the Museum Of Ice Cream… I highly recommend. It was so fun! 
  • San Francisco was such a fun time! I want you to know you can travel and feel stress free doing it! I hope these Stress Less Travel guides help 🙂

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