Stress-Less Bachelorette Party Planning (Dallas Texas)

Hi guys! As you know from my instagram… I am getting married. BUT, this post is not about me! However, it is the beginning and FIRST BLOG of my #weddingwednesday blog posts! I am going to be sharing all the things to take out the stress of wedding planning. Personally, I believe once you know where to start and who to use it is easy! A lot of people overcomplicate or feel overwhelmed with all the options/vendors/people emailing you all day and night to use them… TRUST ME I GET IT. I decided to help you guys out and share companies that take the stress out of wedding planning.

This first post is not about me though… It is about my best friend who is getting married. She is the most selfless person ever & was so deserving of the best weekend ever. Believe it or not we actually were only kinda friends in college when I so wish I would have dove head first into becoming friends with her! I am so glad we were able to connect after college and find a friend through thick and thin. On top of it all, she is always helping others (like I said most selfless person I know). She did not want to put the pressure of making people pay for a bachelorette party for her anywhere but I could not let her not be celebrated.. she is too deserving for that! So I planned her a surprise bachelorette party in our town of Dallas, Texas.

How I planned it: At first I felt super overwhelmed. Then I broke it down and made it easier- place to stay, decor, food, things to do. 

  1. Starting with place to stay: I quoted every hotel in the area and airbnb beat every quote AND way bigger/nicer place for cheaper price. With that being said, if you get nervous about renting a place from airbnb (like I do) always go with a host that has lots of reviews/stays and they also have super host places to rent. So I chose airbnb for us. By the way, the party consisted of about 12-15 girls.

Problems to avoid that I made: I booked the wrong date at first (DOUBLE CHECK DATE), creating a budget everyone can pay, and getting everything booked/ordered about 3 weeks in advance to just have it all DONE & DONE to not worry about shipping or anything! Plus, with this blog you could have everything you need for a Dallas Bachelorette Party in just a few clicks. I hope with my blogs on all things weddings you can find quick and easy way to plan stress free!

2. Decor: my favorite part! However, I know it is not everyone’s favorite part. So I am going to share all the places I found all the decor at. (click on the bold/highlighted words to be taken to the link for these things I bought if you want to copy! )

  • Party Favors: I got the cutest custom hair ties from etsy for each girl, fake tattoos made with the grooms face on them from etsy, rings for each girl from oriental trading, cups and plates that said bach bash from oriental trading. It is so much more personable to customize things for the bride! I loved finding these small businesses on etsy that were affordable and provided amazing stuff for the bachelorette party! It was all a hit!

3. FOOD: I debated between us going to a restaurant or catering food to the airbnb. After pricing things out it is so much easier/cheaper to cater food and be able to enjoy the airbnb/friends! The bachelorette’s favorite meal is chick fil a. They offer the best catering pricing and how much you get! They provided us with all the silverware, serving spoons and everything we needed. For all the food it was about $99 to feed 12-15 girls. We got the chicken nugget platter which came with 2 large things of sauce and the fruit platter which came with a caramel sauce. I then went to the grocery store and got all the fun snacks, drinks, and desserts for everyone to have as sides or throughout the weekend! Just made a spread on the counter.. it was a hit, easy & affordable for everyone!

4. Last but not least.. THINGS TO DO: I highly recommend getting an airbnb that has something unique to it within your price range. For example, one had a hot tub on the balcony. Ours had a ping pong table which was fun! It gave us a fun activity. I will write out the weekend. I arrived first to set up all the decor for when everyone arrived. Once everyone arrived we ate, talked, hung out. Then we all went out to celebrate the bride to be at a few local night life spots. After that we came home and hung out around the table and caught up (some of us live out of state so its always fun to see each other again and catch up!) The next morning we woke up, got ready and we were off to start the day with brunch at a place called The Backyard in deep ellum (such a cute place especially to bring your dog!). After brunch I had planned the bride to be next surprise…. a Pedal Pub around Dallas! This was so much fun and I HIGHLY recommend. Thing of it as a bike for 15 people with music! I will attach a picture. It takes you around town for 2 hours and stops at 3 local fun spots! It was such a beautiful day and fun pedaling and exploring town. After the pedal pub we ended our night hanging out at the local Katy Trail! It truly was such a fun weekend celebrating the most amazing person!

If you ever need help planning or feel stressed out feel free to message me! I hope you guys enjoyed!

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