Self Care Through Changes In Our Daily Life

Change can be hard. Especially with the ever changing world we live in today, finding time to really take care of yourself mentally and physically can feel impossible. However, it is incredibly important.

Finding time to relax your physical body and mental state is essential in our day to day lives. Whether it be taking a day off work, a DIY spa day in the comfort of your own home, or even waking up a but earlier to drink some tea and make a tasty breakfast from scratch, it all counts.

People with anxiety tend to have an anxious presence in the background of their mind at all times, even if they are not experiencing a full-blown panic attack. This being said, is it in your best interest to take a step back, un-clench your jaw, release shoulder tension, and breathe. Try to get in-tune with your senses. What do you see? Smell? Hear? What does the water feel like as it washes down your skin in the shower? Try to say some affirmations to yourself or even journal. Write about what you are feeling in the moment, how strong you are, how you are capable, etc.

Lastly, really make sure to appreciate the day you are experiencing. This is a day dedicated to taking care of your mental and physical health. Try not to think about what is going on next week, or even tomorrow. You are in this moment, in this day, actively taking time to rest, to heal, to rejuvenate.

I really do hope this post has helped someone in one way or another. Everyone deserves a break from their daily routines to stop and breathe. You are never alone. You got this.

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