One Day At A Time: Planner/Journal



I finally did it… after years of never finding a planner/journal all in one that also tracks habits, symptoms, sleep, stress levels, mood, affirmations, gratitude, daily journals, daily check in questions, meal plan for the week, water intake, physical activity, weekly appointments, daily tasks & to do’s, brain dump.. you name it I included it!!

I found myself in the past adding more stress by trying to keep up with all the different things people recommended for healing “try journaling” so I bought a journal.. “track what you eat” so I got an app.. “track your water intake” so I bought a water bottle that tracks it… “do guided questions daily” So I bought a guided morning devotion… “don’t miss appointments or deadlines” so I bought a planner.. “track your habits” so I bought a habit tracker… “track your sleep” so I bought a device for that… next thing I knew I had 15 different things to do all the things and I was overwhelmed!! My One Day At a Time planner/journal has it all in ONE 200 page book for you and you can take it everywhere with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Only a limited amount left in stock after the preorder! I hope you can get on!

Can’t wait till you get your hands on yours!


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