Feeling Safe At Home With Ring

Hi Friends,

I feel now more than ever is the best time to talk about safety and why safety is so important for me. I am a newish home owner (less than a year) and then throw in the neighborhood facebook groups…. “car broken into” “packages stolen from front door” etc etc etc… and then I find myself looking out windows, struggling with sleeping, and jump at any noise. I knew something needed to change because I couldn’t keep living so scared.

I decided to start looking into security and found Ring. After speaking with Ring, I was so excited to collaborate with them and also be able to giveaway a Ring doorbell to one of you guys. It felt like the best Christmas gift to be able to give back! The sent me the ring doorbell pro and the ring flood camera light. There are manyyyyy features I love about ring but most importantly is when I am on the app I can see whenever motion was triggered from my front door or the back where the floodlight is. It records when there is any motion and the CLARITY OF THE CAMERA IS AMAZING.

  1. The Ring Doorbell Pro :Favorite Features: HD Video with two way talk, customizable motion zones, and infrared night vision (AKA you literally see EVERYTHING), motion activated alerts, and video on demand with live view.
  2. The Ring Floodlight Cam Favorite Features: two way talk, security siren, 1080p HD video and color night vision, and MY FAVORITE light flashes on if someone gets close to your house which for me always scares me so I am sure it would scare someone else off because when it does that it’s like someone flicked on the light!!

My office in our house is upstairs and it has been amazing if the dogs bark or I hear a noise to just whip out the ring app on my phone and see everything. It has 10000% the best investment I have made for my anxiety.

If you constantly find yourself obsessing over thinking someone is outside, or have a fear of people breaking.. I cannot recommend enough how much getting Ring around my house has made me feel calm and protected.

They run soooo many bundle deal packages on their website and have so many other things to make you feel extra secure! Check Ring out at ring.com

Love you guys,


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