Dentist Anxiety?

I don’t know what it is but the older I have gotten the more I have realized a lot of dentist aren’t looking out for you. In fact, some push things you don’t even need quiet frequently. I over the years realized a lot of things with dentists in my past that I did that I shouldn’t have felt I had to do… Let’s jump into my story, advocating for yourself, and finding a dentist that truly wants the best for you, your mental health, your physical health, your budget, and your wants.

Growing up I had the best dentist in the world he was old, he was wise, and he was ready to retire. With that being said, the dentist that worked on our whole family’s teeth for YEARS on end retired. A new guy took over his practice: new, cocky, and young. Our family did not know any different so we just kept going to the same place thinking we would continue to have the same experience. *Que me getting my bottom front tooth chipped hitting the back of my friend’s head* (Just an FYI teeth & I have not been good friends the last 10 years) ANYWAYS, I had to go in to the dentist to see what we could do to fix my broken tooth. The new dentist bonds it….my tooth is discolored and yellow for 3 years and no one tells me. Once I finally start noticing in picture that tooth BEAMING a different color I ask my mom… she goes ” I never wanted to say anything about it because I did not want you to be self conscious and did not know if we could do anything about it. *PALM TO FACE MOMENT*. Thanks mom. Luckily, we joke about it now. But wow, that day I couldn’t stop looking at it and wondering why this dentist who kept seeing me for appointments after that would not want to help me or even correct what was wrong. So, my mom asks if we can fix it and he does. ONCE AGAIN WE HAD TO BRING IT TO HIS ATTENTION JUST TO GET WHAT WE DESERVED. First time having to advocate for ourselves.

Here is a picture of wrong bonding … yep my tooth looked just like that.

A few years go by, everything is fine besides the fact that I have allowed my dentist every appointment to take xrays because I did not know I could refuse them. Yes, xrays give off radiation. You do not need to get them done every single visit if you have healthy gums/oral health!! Second time I had to advocate for myself. THEN, I get my front two teeth knocked out in a basketball game. Boy oh boy did I look pretty. I wish I could find the picture of me the next day waiting for a dentist appointment! At this point we were not going back to that same doctor and found a random doctor who seemed legit on google. There seems to be a pattern in my life where google has always sent me down the wrong path haha. So Monday morning we go to this dentist near our house and he was very animated, his office was really nice but I should have noticed the first red flag how pushy they were in the office from the start. I sat down he evaluated my front two teeth and the pieces we had pulled out of the wall to see if we could bond the teeth back together and he said we will need to do a veneer and crown instead. Great, all sounds good right? Did not stop there. Next he goes “have you ever noticed this tooth in the back?” My anxious brain went to “What tooth? What is wrong with it? Will I die?” And he says this one back here that is basically sideways, if you don’t fix this all the pictures you take for the rest of your life will show a black hole I would hate for you to have black holes in all your wedding pictures when you are older. SOUL CRUSHEDDDDDD. Like dang.. I had no idea I thought that tooth was pretty well hidden in the back of my mouth. He then looks at my gums and says we should also laser your gums as you have a really gummy smile. Once he pointed it out, it was all I saw. I felt so imperfect at that time. I was just waiting for more. He left and came back with a quote for my front two teeth, Invisalign, and gum lasering. A quick visit turned into almost 2 years going back and forth to his office. You see, until all of that was pointed out I thought I had a great smile. The perfectionist in me focused in on all the comments. Every time I left a visit he made me shake his hand,  smile and says “smiles by ameri” their slogan that I will never forget because I was horrified saying it in front of everyone in the waiting room and front office. Finally I was done, or I thought, I asked when I could get my permanent top and bottom retainer. He proceeds to tell me that he can’t do those on my teeth but that my last set of Invisalign will be my retainer I wear permanently. Thought it was weird, didn’t question him because I was just ready to be DONE.

I go to college, I lose my retainer. I am out of state and call my mom. My mom calls this dentist they say “She will have to come in for a mold to get a new retainer”. I couldn’t believe it. They threw away my final molds? Why. So here I was after years of Invisalign watching my teeth shift each day before I could get into a new dentist at school to take a mold of my teeth to make a laser. My teeth shifted fast and by the time I got to see a new dentist at my school my retainer was made based off my current teeth. So frustrating.

Here is a picture of how fast my teeth shifted

The bottom looked like before I had ever stared Invisalign. So the third time I should have advocated for myself but didn’t was that I deserved permanent top and bottom retainers. The dentist I went to since then said they were just being lazy by not putting them in. So sad! Moving forward… I get engaged and want to look my best for my wedding and the photos/memories I will keep for the rest of my life! I go to a new dentist and he goes “who did your gum laser?” once again my anxious mind alerted “why is something wrong? Am I okay?” He goes, they are crooked and not done right. Your front veneer and crown are also square shaped that I would never do on a female. ONCE AGAIN *PALM TO FACE*. He goes we will need to take out and redo your front veneer and crown and redo the lasering of my gums. EXPENSIVE and not what I expected. So now I leave this dentist honestly never wanting to go to a dentist again because it feels like every time I go I leave feeling worse about myself.

Then I met some amazing people through instagram, honestly instagram has led me down the right paths that google has not! I first met Clear Smiles. They have a few locations all over Texas. I talked with them beforehand and they seemed like the nicest and helpful people so far! I finally went in for a scan (YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT NO MORE MOLDS.. SCANS) and right away they had a visual of my teeth and then a projection of what a round of Invisalign will make my teeth look like. It was so cool. They go and do an xray and I go “Can I opt out of that?” THEY WERE SO FREAKING NICE ABOUT IT and the guy even said “hang on a second can I get that on video” and he videoed me saying why I did not want xrays when it is not 100% needed. He agreed with me which was really cool and made me feel really good and not uncomfortable like usual. So they sit down with me and went over my treatment plan and were so so so nice. So now, I am waiting for my aligners to be done and go pick them up. I will update on here after each visit. SO FAR SO GOOD. I recommend. I told them about my past with dentists and they were so kind! They even gave me a code for you guys if any of you guys want Invisalign done by a nice and understanding company use code “TAYLOR250” with Clear Smiles . They even have a smile quiz on their website where you can see if Invisalign is for you or can help you. Also, people with anxiety love this part, they communicate by text. NO RANDOM NUMBERS CALLING THAT MAKE YOU WANT TO HIDE. Ya feel??  I will add in a picture on here after each aligner change so you guys can see the difference and before and after. I love before and afters.

Looking forward to adding on here after each appointment! 🙂

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