ALL the health tests I have had done (Not at a doctors office)

This is going to be a long one…. I had to go through a lot of my folders to remind myself of every test I have had done… 85% didn’t need to be done but my past history with anxiety was very physically/health related. All of the anxiety symptoms I struggled with in the past felt like terminal illnesses that I swore I had after a quick google search after every symptom that would pop up. However, some of the testing I have done since my healing process was 100% worth it because it showed so much about my health and how to optimize living my best life on the side out (mind body & soul).

Like I said… when I struggled with bad health anxiety it was always health related, always felt like I was dying a slow death from something no one seemed to be able to figure out. I never believe any doctor that said “you’re fine just anxiety”. I always thought how could THIS be anxiety, you’re missing something. (conclusion… was only anxiety and nothing else)

Anyways, when I first started having panic attacks I FEARED going to the doctor because the thought of the diagnose I was going to receive would continually play in my head “ma’am you have one week left”. I could literally picture that only and that itself kept me from going at all. Until I got EXTREME panic where I thought “today is my last day” (said this a lot because that is how bad the panic attacks were). So I had my first doctor visit… I walked in compulsively shaking I probably looked insane to all the people!!! I remember overly talking to the guy who had to take my blood pressure (bless his heart and patience) Not to mention my blood pressure and heart rate probably gave away to him that I was PAST ANXIOUS. Anyways… Heres a pic from that day actually. I think in this picture I was worried because in the doctor room it looked like I had a full body rash (added that to my list of questions I had wrote in my notes on my phone)

Anyways, after that first doctor visit…. it became a habit for reassurance. Constantly going to my doctor to “make sure” I was okay. It was bad and expensive. I had stress test, EKG, ECG, heart monitors for weeks, blood work, CT scan and so on… My family was very upset at this point. I was spending so much money 🙁 It was bad.

I decided to start helping myself for once, not looking for reassurance but looking for how I could ACTUALLY help “fix” my anxiety. I started taking CBD (if you follow me on instagram you know i’ve taken purity for years now) but that helped me get into a good mindset. Once I started getting into a more rational mindset I wanted to look within at the things that could be imbalanced that could be contributing to poor mental health and my high amount of daily panic attacks.

Now, tests I got done that **WEREN’T** for reassurance but ANSWERS. (If you didn’t know going to the doctors regularly for reassurance was my only coping mechanism for months.. searching for physical health issues and never looking at things that truly could be wrong)

Linking below all the tests I have taken and recommend!

(Linked some above click on picture, on ones below click the words to be taken to the website and code “nopanic” at checkout takes of I think 25%)

Cortisol test, Female hormone test, Vitamin Test, Iron, Diabetes.


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