Anxiety Holiday Gift Guide (Products I use daily)

Its that time of year where you feel you should be happy as can be because it is the holidays but somehow find yourself lost in the stress of what to buy who and what to make for the family meal etc. etc. etc. STRESS.

Trust me,  I feel you.

To make life a little bit easier & practice some self-care I created a gift guide of my favorite products & many I use daily!

  1. The BEST CBD OIL EVER. They sell out really fast so you have to check frequently. I use the 500mg bottle and do about 2 droppers full a day. It is life changing stuff. Why I love this brand is because as an influencer I have been asked to try and review so many CBD brands and never once have I felt this confident about the efficiency and quality of a product. I also do not feel like I am being overcharged. The best part is they offer 10% of the profit to charity of your choice.
  2. Plexus: THIS STUFF IS LIFE CHANGING. Their nutrition line contains some of the best probiotics, omegas, clean detox, etc. Products I use: Plexus X-factor plus, plexus vital biome (gut health!!!) plexus probio 5, plexus bio cleanse, plexus megaX, plexus nerve, and a lot of the skin care/body care products. I also utilize some of the plexus slim micro biome activating products. I got my gut tested and I had no  akkermansia and many of these product contain that. That gut micro biome could be why you are holding on some extra weight or experiencing gut issues. To purchase –> ambassador ID “900559549”
  3. Individualized meal plan or anti-anxiety recipe book: I am a registered dietitian who went to school to learn the ins and outs of nutrition. Through intensive research on the gut brain connection I healed most of my anxiety with diet changes alone and would love to help you do the same! The recipe book contains meals I eat weekly. This product is offered on
  4. These are at home tests. I recently sent in my tests for the vitamin test, and cortisol tests. Sometimes going to the doctor is the scariest part, so I like to avoid that by doing tests at home. They are very simple! Their website offers many tests to choose from. For discount use code “nopanic15” at checkout.
  5. Pinnertest: As many of you know I did this test a couple of months ago and got my results and shared with you guys. I was majorly shocked to find out I had intolerance to potatoes and sunflower oil.
  6. Legendary foods: This nut butter is my absolute favorite thing on this earth. I eat it daily. It is so good. Legendary Foods offers no sugar added nut butters that contain ingredients only found in nature. These nut butter superfoods are packed full of nutrients, healthy fats, and an excellent source of protein. Our flavored nut butters contain no artificial flavors and are low in carbs. Legendary Food’s no sugar added nut butters are great for paleo diets, low carb diets, and an overall healthy lifestyle. To purchase –> My favorite flavors are blueberry cinnamon bun & apple pie almond & cashew nut butter.. you have to try it!! It also helped me cut out added sugars from my diet which do not help anxiety. If I ever get a sugar craving I have about a tbsp or 2 of this stuff!
  7. Square Organics: These protein bars are packed with so many good things!! I eat at least one a day. Just like legendary foods, it helps my sweet tooth and provides me with a lot of beneficial nutrients. For discount code use “health_anxiety” at checkout.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE. I hope these products help you like they have helped me too!

If you have any questions you can always email me at

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